Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snow day

Hello. Well we got some snow last night and it wasnt nearly as much as I was hoping for or expecting. But it sure was fun to play in! My kids and I built a snow fort using bowls from my kitchen cupboard. And after about an hour of bending over to fill the bowl 100 times. The snow fort was finished! About an hour and a half after it was collapsed! BUMMER! So we came in to have lunch. After lunch it was "recess" again so out we go....the kids wanted to build a snowman, ok. I went into the house to collect the things we would use for his eyes, mouth and the time I got back out, the kids had snowballs so big that I could barely roll them and they wanted me to stack them up to make a HUGE snowman! So I did and now I am in desperate need of a long hot soak in the tub :) It was such a great day, and so fun. I think this is the first snowstorm we have gotten this year that was awesome for making snowmen. Thought for the day: Acting like a child sometimes can be extremely fun and rewarding...especially to know we will all sleep like babies tonight.

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